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Ignoring your customers? In these days of economic stress, don't just hide your head in the sand and hope the storm passes.
Reflect your quality. Putting out messages that look ramshackle will turn your customers away forever and lose business.
Kelly is killing your business. Every office has one. You know, the person that thinks just because they've got Word they're a marketing genius.
Make a bigger splash. Your advertising, brand and marketing are about to soak the competition.
Need a new look? Let's look in the mirror and be truthful with ourselves about the image our companies send out.
Small but powerful. Cutting costs? Start by telling your big bloated bad-guy ad agency bye-bye and good riddance.

accolo-logo-thumbAccolo :

Start recruiting at a hire level

Accolo Cloud Recruiting is the world leader and originator of Cloud Recruiting which uses Patented Software, a Hiring Intelligence Database and Certified Hiring Consultants to help companies find the best talent.

Learn more about the Accolo Campaign


1_thumbPacific Precious Metals :

Join the new gold rush

Pacific Precious Metals
is Northern California’s most trusted and technically advanced precious metals dealer. They offer their clientele a safe, secure place to buy gold bullion and coins or sell old and unwanted jewelry for cash. 

Learn more about the PPM Campaign


4_thumbOpus Fund Services : One Solution.

Opus Fund Services is a Bermuda based fund services company that wanted to push their new easy to use system for the complex tasks and responsibilities involved with high-net worth investing.

Learn more about the Opus Campaign


Brainblaze : Something's burning.

Advertising is weird. It straddles the lines of business, art, entertainment, culture, society and even religion at times. We love it. Advertising is not about sipping Scotch all day and dragging on a cigarette while wearing a skinny tie (though we do enjoy doing all of those things from time to time). Advertising is about success - your success.

The size of your business doesn't matter. Whatever it is that you do and believe in, we want nothing more than to see you succeed. And we can help you attain that success through effective, compelling communications.

Our main differentiator is that we don't just make cool curvy lines or just 'do websites'. Advertising has become a minefield of dumbed-down gags and faceless ubiquitous smiling people. Your customers deserve intelligent, thoughtful messaging that piques interest and captivates them to build a lasting relationship. We deliver the Big Ideas - intriguing stories and imagery - then weave them into marketing vehicles most appropriate for your campaign, whether mobile ads, tv spots or tattooed midgets.

Are you happy with your logo? What about your website? Now that you have one, how do you get people to visit? Do all of the communications related to your business reflect the quality of your business? When you hand someone your business card, do you feel a sense of pride, or one of sheepishness? You deserve unified high-caliber marketing communications with a big idea message that will resonate done at a fair price.

Let us analyze your company, set a strategy, create a campaign then connect you with more of your customers.

Let's get down to business...


1_thumbKitchenAid : Let's get cooking.

Whirlpool/KitchenAid, a Fortune 500 company came to us with a challenging but interesting project. They wanted to create a social sharing site for KitchenAid Stand Mixer customers a la Facebook and YouTube.

Learn more about the KitchenAid Campaign


skytrace-logo-thumbSkyTrace : Trace. Track. Relax.

SkyTrace provides service and software of Machine to Machine (M2M) telematics solutions to enterprises and consumers. We developed every bit of their comprehensive branding & marketing campaign.

Learn more about the SkyTrace Campaign


nickdrive_thumbAdams Golf : Faldo's a Big Hitter

We worked with Adams Golf, the maker of Tight Lies golf clubs and accessories, on a worldwide campaign featuring six-time major winner Nick Faldo in TV, print, direct mail, online and promotions in a fun, sometimes odd way.

Learn more about the Adams Campaign


1_thumbLegacy MedSpa & Clinics : I'm Me

The physicians and owners of XRC Medical Imaging, an interventional radiology clinic in South Bend, Indiana, approached us with their need to launch a totally new set of medical facilities, Legacy Vein Clinics and Legacy MedSpas.

Learn more about the Legacy Campaign


8_thumbFundRunner Software : Run It All

FundRunner, the first-of-its-kind Investor Relationship Management software became the de facto standard for high net worth and institutional investment managers to track and distribute all of their information and communications.

Learn more about the FundRunner Campaign


Picture 1_thumbSodexo :

Off Campus Solutions "Munchie"

Off Campus Solutions enhances the suite of student services schools provide by creating a customized program that allows students, faculty and staff to spend their flex spending program at local restaurants and merchants off campus. The result? Happier students and parents, higher meal plan revenues, and a more enriching experience for everyone involved.

Learn more about the Sodexo Campaign


16_thumbMusic : Let's Rock

We love music. In fact, if we had the maracas we would give it all up and go on a world tour of dive bars across the country. Sadly, grown up responsibilities kind of quash that dream so we enjoy helping talented musicians put a face on their noise.

Learn more about our Music Experience

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"I was frankly astounded by the the speed and more importantly the quality within our tight timeframe. I was expecting to have to go back and forth on the project a few times before presenting to the client but Brainblaze "got it" and delivered client ready creative that needed very little tweaking. We had a huge project due for a Fortune 500 company on an impossible deadline. We needed a creative partner that understood both a tight timeline, corporate branding guides and could basically manage the project themselves in a turnkey fashion. Brainblaze overachieved in all those regards. Great job."


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